About Us

Our Team

Jegysoft professionals are highly skilled with years of experience in both Membership & Business process online software solution development. We are client satisfaction driven and will deliver the absolute right solution to your organization from the date of Go Live.

Our Experience

Jegysoft has direct solution delivery experience across multiple online applications including: Membership Accounts & Business CRM databases, online customized Information Management Systems and online E-Commerce Credit Card and Electronic Fund Transfer applications.

Our Strengths

Jegysoft provides secure, flexible and very cost-effective Cloud based 24/7 access solutions that exactly fit your requirements. The customized solution is easy and very inexpensive to modify going foward. This ensures that 100% accurate application of your online processes will occur going forward.

Contact Us

Paul Standen
Vice President Sales & Marketing
1-888-908-6003 ext 14

Why Jegysoft?


    • We customize 100% to provide the best solution for the defined requirement. It is not about deploying the latest most expensive solution available. The best online solution is always that which provides the absolute best results at the most cost effective price point.
    • The underlying Jegysoft software is easily re-configured to adapt to future process changes. This makes our online software a very long-term viable economic solution that will save considerable expenditures on upgrade & change requests going forward.
    • The Jegysoft solution is an extremely scalable, robust platform that is easily integrated with other systems. New modules and functions can easily be added or integrated into the online solution.
  • Jegysoft provides a fully configurable software solution that is customized 100% to our clients needs. Our Clients are not required to pay for a pre-packaged platform of which they only really utilize a certain percentage. With Jegysoft you do not fit your requirements into any pre-packaged software, as ultimately we configure 100% around you.